HAPPY 2018!!

pexels-photo-422220.jpegGreetings to all my YAYDog! friends; I am promising you more blog entries this year!
There won’t be a RANT theme this year, just a THEME: Our BOND with our Dogs.
Because when we get down to it, our bond with our animals is vital. When I am talking to clients and they are so upset and worried they are telling me about behavior issues, the subtext is often,
                   “Why can’t I live happily with my dog?
                    What about my bond with my dog?
                    What is wrong with my dog?”
And sometimes the question should be, “What is wrong with me?” I see my role as your coach and sometimes mediator with you and your dog. I can be clear- headed and constructive when you feel stymied. I will use  knowledge, compassion,honesty, common sense and humor to help you.
So, there’s our theme for this year, along with all my best wishes for you and your animal companions.
                                               Live happily with a dog!

15 thoughts on “HAPPY 2018!!

  1. Hello There,
    Even though we are a feline Tribe of Five we love the photo. That is one happy dog entering into the New Year! May all your canine days be purrfect in 2018.
    The Tribe of Five at Feline Opines


  2. I like that you address the “What is wrong with me” viewpoint. Often pet owners blame the pet when in fact they are rewarding negatively behavior inadvertently. I see this with both horses and dogs as well. The running them we say at the barn is “It’s never the horse’s fault”. It holds pretty true.

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  3. Hello from the Chirpy Cats crew and Happy New Year! We agree, many times the key question we should ask, whether your fur companion is a cat or dog, is “What is wrong with me, what can I do better to improve….?” We have to understand our pets from their perspective to nurture and strengthen our bonds with them.


  4. I like the new outlook and theme. You could take it one step further and go from the “why’s” to the “how’s”. So no more Why does my dog do that? but rather How do I help my dog/teach my dog not to – focusing on the human’s actions and taking away the negativity altogether.
    Regardless, I think your outlook is very positive and I look forward to reading more posts.


  5. Happy 2018! Enjoying the bond with our animal companions is so special. Whenever challenges appear I take a step back to fully understand the source of the misunderstanding.


  6. Such a great resolution for 2018! All the best and I hope you have many good conversations on these topics and successes in helping pets and their parents enjoy each others company to the fullest!


  7. I cannot imagine, as a trainer, how difficult it is to listen to people blame their dogs for the household disruption. But what a great resolution for 2018. You’ll help the same people realize what THEY were missing before and experience the gift of unconditional love! In 2018, we will be sharing the love we had for Shasta by rescuing another of his kind.


  8. You are right on target to approach the pet parents with humor…because in their mind their dog is either stupid or stubborn when their dog actually already knows how to do everything they are going to “teach” them. I have been in your shoes in a past chapter of life.Humor breaks down the barriers. Have fun bonding!


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