YAY dog! 2016 Rant/Final Days

Another shot at my 2016 rant: Don’t text,listen to devices or talk on the phone regularly when you are walking your dog. Some caveats: of course have the phone with you, and if you think a call is an emergency, take the call, preferably while standing still. Best case scenario your dog has a good place to sniff during the call. Some people say that the multitasking encourages them to walk the dog farther, which is better for the dog. I get that, but I still don’t recommend it. And walking more than one dog in that multitasking mode? Are you kidding me? (Wait, no, you’re not?)

My reasons for this rant are safety, bonding time for you and your dog and stress relief for you!! If you are not paying full attention you could compromise your safety and your dog’s safety. If you are walking by roads or streets, drivers can overlook you or your dog. We know that owning a dog can help us with stress relief. So, enjoy the walk, real time, with your buddy. It will be good for both of you.

Happy holidays and stay tuned for my 2017 rant. What on earth will it be?


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