Don’t Scam Service Dog System

Warning: rant alert!! This is an excellent article about a simple concept: DON’T CHEAT. Last year the Dept. of Veterans Affairs ruled that service dogs in training could no longer come into VA facilities. VetstoVetsUnited, the service dog group I volunteer with had veterans who were devastated by this ruling. Our dogs had all passed the rigorous Public Access Test, and they would not receive a “service dog in training” vest until that is accomplished. (I know, I do the testing.) The dogs were working on the individual skills need to help their veteran partner. The VA did this ruling because of fake service dogs. Please help people understand how this hurts the people who need service dogs; veterans, people with a “not obvious to the eye” disability, people who genuinely need service dogs. (I realized I had posted this to come up on my dad’s birthday. He has been gone a long time time but he truly taught me the simple concept of: don’t cheat. )

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